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No more paperwork!
With Veriloc's RFID solution you ensure that pipes and other components do not end up in the wrong place at the construction site - something that costs a lot of wasted time and money.

With Veriloc each tube or component will get a unique RFID number plate. When the heating pipes are being loaded at the factory, the system automatically checks that the correct pipes and components are included. At the construction site is the same check done by using a handheld RFID reader and a smartphone. At the same time the Veriloc RFID solution can always see the exact GPS location of pipes and components - even when they are embedded in the ground!


At Veriloc we specialize in supplying high quality products within Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), sensors and industrial components.

In addition, we also supply mobile solutions to execute various tasks required by the customer, using our mobile app.
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Asset management in the cloud

From hardware to software. A RFID license plate is mounted on all components, either during production or at a central warehouse. When ordering online the customer will receive an order number and a unique item number on the ordered components. The customer receives an electronic delivery note, in which each component with its own unique RFID number plate and the technical specifications, is coupled to the order. When the components arrive at the construction site, the handheld RFID reader will scan all the RFID number plates easily, and the delivery notes are automatically updated via the construction manager's smartphone. The construction manager does not have to press any key on his smartphone. The signal goes automatically from the RFID reader to the smartphone and continues to the Veriloc system. In case of an error there will be given a warning to the construction manager and the vendor. If it is the correct components, they can be put in place ready for welding. The individual components are recorded with a GPS position. Subsequently, they can be tracked very precisely in relation to the position and depth. The Veriloc system is adapted to the special conditions of each customer in close cooperation.

The Works Por­tal could be used by the Con­trac­tor deliv­er­ing exca­va­tion work to Util­i­ties and may itself use sub-​contractors for parts of the work. Another exam­ple could be an Engi­neer­ing con­sult­ing ser­vice firm that man­ages projects on behalf of clients. Esti­mates, project plans and ten­ders are instantly shared with all rel­e­vant par­ties.
Every­thing is done using the Works Por­tal – you only need Inter­net Access and an account to get started. Copen­hagen Energy, Elsi­nore Util­ity and many oth­ers already use the Works Por­tal to opti­mize work on their Water, Elec­tric­ity, Gas, Dis­trict Cen­tral Heat­ing and Sewage net­works.



The name is formed by the words "Veritas" which means truth and "Locos" which means location. In other words Veriloc means true and verifiable location.

We deliver RFID Enterprise Solutions. Our solutions creates the ability to remotely track physical assets such as cables, pipes, pumps or manufacturing components using the RFID mobile technology. This means starting the identification at the production site and following the components all the way to recycling, even when they are located in the ground or built into installed products.

Veriloc was established in 2010 as a joint development company owned by the people behind Pernexus Systems and Beta Technic. Due to the good results Veriloc took over the RFID business from Beta Technic in 2011 and continued the activities in the Veriloc name.

Beta Technic was doing hardware consultancy and distribution of RFID technology. Beta Technic/Veriloc has over 15 years of experience with RFID.

Pernexus Systems is a software development company, working mainly with the district heating industry. Using the main product Entrepriseportalen they manage e.g. HOFOR. This means big digging projects from contract award to final accounting and billing. Pernexus therefore knows all the processes and problems in construction projects where cables and pipes must be buried.

Veriloc collaborate with researchers from the IT University of Copenhagen. This ensures that we always include the latest technological advances –but also knows what will work in real life on construction sites. This unique coupling between the knowledge of RFID technology and the knowledge of the district heating industry guarantees of good solutions that work in practice and who pays off for the customers.

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