An RFID license plate is mounted on all components, either during production or at a central warehouse. When ordering online the customer will receive an order number and a unique item number on the ordered components.

The customer receives an electronic delivery note, in which each component with its own unique RFID number plate and the technical specifications, is coupled to the order.

When the components arrive at the construction site, the handheld RFID reader will scan all the RFID number plates easily, and the delivery notes are automatically updated via the construction manager's smartphone. The construction manager does not have to press any key on his smartphone. The signal goes automatically from the RFID reader to the smartphone and continues to the Veriloc system. In case of an error there will be given a warning to the construction manager and the vendor. If it is the correct components, they can be put in place ready for welding. The individual components are recorded with a GPS position.

Subsequently, they can be tracked very precisely in relation to the position and depth. The Veriloc system is adapted to the special conditions of each customer in close cooperation.


Veriloc's mobile applications uses the Android operating system. So the system supports a large number of different smartphone models. New users can easily download the application and become members of the system. There are different types of scanners, but the mobile units are independent of the type of RFID reader used.

The smartphone and RFID scanner automatically detects that the pipes have arrived. The construction manager only needs to point the RFID reader against the pipes. The transfer of information is done via the RFID technology's radio signals. Are there errors in the delivery, he will receive an error message immediately. Is everything as it should be, the delivery will be approved automatically.

Consulting services

With Veriloc you get a customized solution tailored to your company. The typical project will include:

- Consulting - the best solution for your business
- Development and Project Management
- Testing period - control of all processes
- Implementation
- Service on equipment and systems in the operation phase


You will receive a starter kit for the construction site.The package contains a RFID reader that communicates with your mobile phone via Bluetooth. The RFID reader takes up very little space and can easily be located in a pocket or a small bag. There are many mobile RFID readers - in the picture you can see an example.


- The company saves money by a more streamlined logistics and delivery process
- You only invest in RFID readers. The employees often have smartphones with internet access already.
- We use only proven RFID technology, which makes the system more reliable
- We have 15 years of experience with RFID technology, so that we know what works in real life
- We know the specific features of the district heating industry- and therefore we know where we can make your business save money.


Even now you can get RFID license plates, which measure the temperature inside the tube. Shortly RFID equiptment can also measure air pressure and humidity in the tube. As a district heating company the quality of the installation can be monitored constantly. It will therefore be possible to know exactly where and when to do maintenance of old pipes and components. With RFID technology you can use your maintenance budget much more efficent.

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