At Veriloc we are specialized in delevering high quality products within Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Sensors and Connectivity.

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Did you know?

  • Veriloc's RFID technology has a reading distance of up to 10 metres - without the use of batteries.
  • RFID tags does not need a battery in order to work.
  • The RFID technology has been used for many years at slaughterhouses and has provided large efficiency gains.
  • The name Veriloc is formed by the words Veritas and Locos and means true location.

RFID at Veriloc

RFID stands for Radio Frequency IDentification and is a common name for all the technologies that use radio waves to identify people and objects. As the name implies, lies the RFID technology's primary strength in its ability to identify different objects.

RFID is therefore often called the electronic barcode of the future, because the technology has some of the same characteristics as the traditional bar code.

The difference in technologies is that bar code is a line-of-sight technology, while RFID is a wireless technology. The barcode scanner technology must have visual contact with the barcode to read it, but with RFID technology,the RFID number plate can read without visual contact, so long as it is within the readable distance.

Verilocs RFID technology can provide a reading range of up to 10 meters - without using a battery in the RFID number plate.

We always select the best RFID-tags og scanners available in the market. In our recent projects we have among others used the following vendors: AEG, Alien, CAEN, Confidex, HID, IDVation, Intermec, Intersoft, Kronegger, Motorola, Novacard, Omni-ID and Pepperl-Fuchs.

Sensors at Veriloc

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Components at Veriloc

We offer several components, including a wide selection of connectors and condensate products. Click on the shortcuts below to download product sheets for our products:


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